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Nitro Ninjas


Who doesn’t want to be a professional biker?! Even if it is only in this wonderful world of online games! And when also who haven’t dreamt when being a child about becoming a ninja warrior just like in the movies?! Well…mow you have the chance to become both of these characters only by playing a simple and entertaining online game called Nitro Ninja! Also, if you are looking to download free bike games Nitro Ninja can be the perfect game to be kept on your computer for future playing…

If you like these cool games you can choose to keep them! But when it comes to download free bike games like the one that you will play in a few minutes you don’t have to think twice. Nitro Ninja is a challenging game that goes around speed and performing tricks! It will be a little bit strange to see a ninja warrior on a powerful motorcycle-racingrcycle because it is quite a time discrepancy between the two… but to see a ninja warrior on a speeding bike performing all kind of tricks and stunts is too much!!! 

After you have got used to the strange scenario you can enjoy what this nice game can offer! These free bike rallye games are only for those who love speed more than anything because when playing Nitro Ninja you have to ride your bike at maximum speed and everything will seam to happen so quickly… Isn’t this the perfect one if you want to download free bike games?!

You will also see that you don’t have to try that hard to pass from a level to another… only by using the ‘’up’’ arrow to accelerate and the space bar to jump… but alongside these two you can use the 1 to 4 numbered keys to perform some simple but very impressive tricks!

So… what do you think? Are you ready to download free bike games on your computer? I say you should start with Nitro Ninja and you won’t be sorry for your choice!