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Coast Bike


All you bikers out there… we introduce to you the new Coast Bike! Are you ready for playing some dirtbike games online? Can you imagine yourself riding your bike near the shoreline? With the breeze blowing in your hair… on one of the most difficult routs that you have ever tried… this time leaving aside the danger of injuring yourself…

If you are a fan of free online bike games you will love the nice view that Coast Bike will offer you!

It is not hard to have a good time if you like to play it safe and enjoy some fun and challenging dirtbike games online! It is also very easy to enjoy the goods that technology brings along. In order to play Coast Bike you just need to use the keyboard! Use the ‘’up’’ and ‘’down’’ keys to move the biker backward and foreword. But this time you don’t just go… you can perform stunts and lean the biker’s body by using the ‘’left’’ / ‘’right’’ keys. All these make the game very realistic!

Let’s also throw some nitro for a plus of speed! Yes… you heard right… nitro! Just hit the space bar to fly like a rocket! Doesn’t Coast Bike sound wonderful? From the first glance you will consider it one of the best dirtbike games online!

Like in every bike contest, when you play Coast Bike, you play against time… the aim of the game is to complete each level as fast as you can to score the maximum amount of points. Just be careful not to turn the biker over, you will lose. Also, to have a greater final score you need to collect bonuses along the way and perform stunts. Are you convinced yet? If not, just press ‘’START’’ and let the game begin! 

Coast Bike is not only recommended for those who are a fan of real biking or dirtbike games online… everyone can play it! It is so much fun that it will make you want to just go out and buy your own bike!