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Start Drive


It is time you met this wonderful game called Start Drive! This is a game that motorcycle-racingrcycle fans will surely enjoy because it concentrates on riding the bike for a long time and competing against others. So, if you are looking to play downhill motorcycle-racingrbike games where you have the chance to race on and on for some good minutes this is the one for you! 

When you see this game for the first time it will seam to you a very easy and uninteresting one because of its graphic, which is quite simple… But simple does not mean bad… this time, when you play downhill motorcycle-racingrbike games like Start Drive you will realize that by having such a simple graphic you will see what is most important at free online bike riding games – and that is the actual race! You will be completely free to enjoy the ride not being disturbed by all kind of things from the background.

What you will actually have to do when you play downhill motorcycle-racingrbike games is to compete against others in a set of laps or on a certain route where, from time to time, you will pass through some check points. Well… this time you will race with other bikers in a set of five laps and the time remaining when you pass the check points will automatically bring you extra points!

In the end you won’t see the rank, you won’t see who is on the first place and where were you, but only the final score… so this game is rather for you although you have raced against other bikers. So, if you want to play downhill motorcycle-racingrbike games for your own satisfaction, without feeling the thrill of being the first Start Drive is what you are looking for!

All that you have to do is play downhill motorcycle-racingrbike games and enjoy what they offer you because each and every game is unique and special in their own way and you’d better try them all!