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Ghost Racer


Riding a motorbike is not easy at all, you must have a good filling of the bike in order not to fall off. The most dangerous moment on a bike is when you are cornering at fast speed, a this moment you are most vulnerable, even the smallest bump in the road can make you loose control, just for this situations you must ware a protecting suit so that even if you have an accident the injurious will be minimum.

Ghost Racer is an online bike game that will help you enjoy the trill of riding a bike at very fast speed without any real danger, you don't; need a helmet or a special suit, all you need is a PC and an internet connection. The idea of the game is simple you have to control your bike, the gray one, and catch up with the bad guys and try to run them of the road. You must be careful not to damage your own bikeor you will lose and you will have to start all over. In each round you have a few bad guys to destroy and the best way to do this is to try an push them off the road or in the other traffic, don't worry if you have just a little life left you can get the life bonus on the road and you will be just like new.