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Bike Challenge


More and more people are looking to spend their free time on the internet because this wonderful invention can offer everyone what they need! For football fans we have some cool soccer games, for drivers we have a lot of games where they can drive from bikes to boats and cars but we also have a really interesting free bike racing game called Bike Challenge.

This free bike racing game is not that simple as it looks. At the first sight it is quite a colorful game that is likely for children, but once you start playing it you will realize that it is difficult to pass over all the stones. These offroad motorcycle-racingrbike games are played using the mouse and some other keys. For example if you want to make the bike go ahead of behind you can use the arrow keys. Also when you are feeling instable you can stabilize yourself with the arrow keys. 

If you want to receive some extra points while playing this free bike racing game you can do some simple tricks using the ‘’C’’ button at the right time and how many times you desire. You will see that Bike Challenge can be the game of your drams!