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Bmx Race


Are you sick and tired of games that only have the background different and everything else still the same? If you are eager to feel a change in the manner you play the game and also play a game that is slightly different from what you have been used to you should try these free online BMX bike games and see the difference!

Bmx Race is the only game which you will you will actually feel that you are playing it because you have to use your fingers at the maximum. When playing these free online BMX bike games you actually have to pedal yourself… not only keep a certain key pressed in order to accelerate. You will have to alternate pressing the ‘’up’’ and ‘’down’’ keys to pedal; and the faster you press them the faster the bike will go!

Having speed in your fingers and, this way, pedaling faster you will win the race – because in the end it is all resumed at who finishes the race first – this game being a contest! You will find these offroad motorcycle-racingrbike games to be very interactive and challenging because it is all based on your skills as a bike rider and on your coordination of your fingers. 

The aim of Bmx Race is similar to the objective of all challenges! You will compete in a race against another biker that drives its bike on a straight road. You will have to overcome this biker by riding alongside him on a bumpy road full of obstacles. In your way you will encounter rocks and hydrants over which you have to jump using the space bar or else you will fall, injure yourself and, more important, loose the race!

Usually when playing these kind of free online BMX bike games you have several chances to try – more ‘’lives’’ – this time you will have three chances! Use them wisely and you will not be sorry! Now all you need to do is prepare yourself to put your fingers to try!