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Funny biker


Playing new bike games can be a good way to spend some time in front of the PC. This Funny Biker will keep you hooked go hours, you can not leave until you have won the game. This is one of the most funniest game ever and it can be played by anyone, young or old, boy or girl there is no exception everybody will have fun and will enjoy playing this bike game.

If you are looking to play a fun game, look no more this bike game is what you are looking for. After you have pass the title screen and the help page the fun begins immediately and it doesn't stop until you finish it. Funny Biker, besides the funny part, is one of the best online game you will find and it is very simple to play. In order to keep the bike balanced you need to use the arrow keys and the rest is straight forward. Play this bike games and kill some time in front of the PC.