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Dirt Bike Masters


Try out your skills with this new dirt bike games online and show you are a real moto master. If you like fast braking and sharp turns but also want speed than try your bike handling capabilities in this adrenaline filled adventure where mud is at every corner. You cant escape it and is as slippery as hell. But don’t let the wheels run from under you and hold one to this tricky ride to become a master of the uncharted routes filled with mud at the outskirts of the city, between desolate factories and rising warehouses. Drive past nuclear plants and paper mills in your quest to be the number one off road bike master.

The mud may even be radioactive from all the nuclear waist polluting the soil but that should not stop you in this full of thrills ride. You have ten hard levels ahead of you all filled with toxic mud all the way to the finish. Its not your average easy to pass dirt bike games but one that requires practice and determination.