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Crash Bike


When it comes to playing easy motorcycle-racingrbike games you can find a lot of those games that even small children manage to play them so easy that they get bored in seconds. But if you want to play a serious free bike racing game you definitely have to try Crash Bike! This is the only game that can be considered not to be for kids because it is quite hard and you have to use a lot of key combinations to get to the end.

Yes, like any other easy motorcycle-racingrbike games, here you have to use the arrow keys to control the bike and besides that you have to concentrate about maintaining your bike in balance. You can also combine the arrow keys in performing some simple stunts while you try and overcome the obstacles that you find in your way.

Don’t you think about this game as at easy motorcycle-racingrbike games because you will see it is not easy at all... It is exactly what one needs to make them stay on edge all the time they are in the game. But don’t you worry if you don’t manage to win from your first try; you have to try more and harder and, in time, you will become the champion and it will be worth much more than winning from the first!