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Uphill Rush 2


We introduce to you the game that concentrates on you making as many stunts as you can in order to make the maximum of points and win the title. If you like playing fun online motorcycle-racingrbike games Uphill Rush 2 is perfect for you! You will love it from the first look. Uphill Rush 2 is a spectacular game having as a background an amusement park. It is an online bike game that you will find full of stunts and opportunities to perform more and ingenious stunts. Uphill Rush 2 is a game that will also amuse you and challenge at the same time.

Uphill Rush 2 is a very complex game to play; in order to give your best you have to use a little bit more keys than you are used to. Just press the arrows to control the bike; the space bar to jump and 5 to release turbo. Don’t forget that Uphill Rush 2 is one of those online motorcycle-racingrbike games that concentrates mostly on you performing the best stunts… in order to perform those stunts you have to use key from 1 to 4! But remember… all controls can be customized, so, choose the ones you feel more accommodated with.

The aim of this online bike game is to perform as many stunts as you can, one more spectacular than the other until you finish the track. Just be careful not to fall from your bike because you will have to start all over again! Uphill Rush 2 gives you the opportunity to earn money to change your bike and buy motorcycle-racingrcycle clothes by gathering every coin that you will find on the way. Isn’t this the most complex and interactive free online bike game ever? You chose right! You will have so much fun customizing your player and performing all kinds of interesting stunts.

Uphill Rush 2 is one of the online motorcycle-racingrbike bike games that everyone will enjoy playing… a very addictive game just because it is so complex and fun when it comes to the manner of playing and controlling the biker. You can even choose the gender of your biker and the skin color! So, lets’ enjoy playing this good online motorcycle-racingrbike game now!