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Manic Rider


Nowadays the internet has been invaded by all kind of games from al over the place… some good and some not that good… but that is why we are here – to present you only the best games depending on what you need and what you like. So, today these games are dedicated to all of you out there who love free online bike riding games! And for you we have Maniac Rider, a quite hard and very challenging game!

From all the free online bike riding games, Maniac Rider is the only one where you need to climb with your bike a very steep mountain. You will play on levels and each level represents a part of the climb.

Don’t expect these free online bike riding games to be easy because they are not! From all the games I have tried this seams to me the hardest! Maybe because it is so complex, giving you the opportunity to also perform stunts. Along with the rough terrain which you have to escalade you are asked to perform certain stunts for which you will be rewarded! 

When you play downhill motorcycle-racingrbike games like this you need to perfectly know the controls used to drive the bike because you won’t have the time to think about your moves and you need to act on the moment. So, in order to control the bike use the arrow keys and to perform stunts the ‘’Z’’, ‘’X’’, ‘’C’’, ‘’V’’ and ‘’B’’ buttons! You have to be very careful because the bike is quite instable and you can tip over at any times!

As you may think, the object of the game is to get to the top of the mountain and then climb down safely and in one piece! A quite popular and logic aim when it comes to playing free online bike riding games! What else can you when playing games like this and don’t have a real challenge?! The game would be soo boring…