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Bike Madness


It is time for another game which implies you passing all kinds of obstacles in order to get to the finish and pass to the next level. Well… these downhill bike racing games are quite fun and challenging even though they are quite similar to other games this type. It is called Bike Madness and you will surely find the obstacles here much harder than others and the bike quite instable.

These downhill bike racing games are easy to play in terms of the controls used, but quite hard when it comes to staying on your wheels. The bike is very instable and you have to work hard to maintain your alliance. That is why these racing bike games are considered to be the most challenging and most popular of them all.

By using the arrow keys you can steer the bike and help with the balance by using the side arrows when you feel you are about to tilt over. If you crash you loose the round and you have to start over again. Now all that remains is to start enjoying these downhill bike racing games!