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Cycle Racer


Now we have selected a game that is created is such a way that is good for children and adults at the same time. These racing bike games for the computer can be easily played even if you have no experience with these kind of games. Even if this is your first time you tried playing free online bike racing games.

Its graphic makes you move your attention from the actual race and enjoy the game itself! From all these racing bike games we have selected Cycle Racer – a game which you will so happy to have discovered… It is funny and will make you laugh no matter what! After you have selected the character to represent you can proceed to the game and start the race! 

These racing bike games are quite different from what you got used to because it will be you the one to actually paddle by alternate pressing the ‘’left’’ and ‘’right’’ arrows you can speed up. In case you will encounter obstacles on the road you can also use the ‘’up’’ and ‘’down’’ arrows to avoid them. It is good you keep a clear road because obstacles will slow you down and in order to pass further you have to be between the first places in the final.