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Rough Ride


Are you still looking for offroad motorcycle-racingrbike games? Well….if you still do I need to tell you a secret… I just found a site where you can find all the games you want, all the games you wish for and only the best. It is www.sportgamesarena.com and you will thank me for years that I helped you discover it!

And if you are in the mood for some offroad motorcycle-racingrbike games, especially those games where you have to ride your bike on the hot desert sand where you can almost feel the sun burning your face and warming your helmet and outfit, you definitely have to try Rough Ride. The name of the game characterizes it perfectly. You will feel on your own skin how hard a ride like this can be!

When it comes to all online offroad bike games the general rule is to stay concentrated on the race and feel the game. This you will certainly finish it with great results. What you will surely find strange at Rough Ride will be the levels – yes you are playing on levels – which are quite short. But hard! So you need to prepare yourself a little bit before starting playing!

Don’t you be disappointed because you find differences from the games you were used to playing, but this thing is most of the times a good thing… diversity is welcomed anytime! As I said, don’t be disappointed, because the manner of playing and the keys used are the same as at all offroad motorcycle-racingrbike games. So, you just press the ‘’up’’ and ‘’down arrow keys to move foreword and brake and the side ones to maintain balance!

When you think about the objective of Rough Ride I am sure that you know it or can easily guess it… what do you thing you have to do when you are playing offroad motorcycle-racingrbike games on levels? Well… manage to stay on the bike until you reach the end! And then you will be crowned as champion.