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Atv Offroad Thunder


Here is a game which you will surely enjoy at the full. It doesn’t matter it you are an online offroad bike games fan of not, you only need to be interested in these kind of games, to be curious about how can a biking game can bring people so much fun. You will see all of these after you play a quick-shotle of rounds of Atv Offroad Thunder!

This game is quite different from all the online offroad bike games that you might have played before because you will play on levels and on a limited time. And you will also see that the levels are not structured like you were used to; here you have to complete a journey by passing from level to level.

The first time you start playing you will start with level one and advance towards the finish. Each time you pass to the next level the game will be automatically saved so you don’t need to start all over again each time you loose. You can just start from the last level you have played. This is a rather rare trait when you play motorcycle-racingrcycle games and definitely mages Atv Offroad Thunder much more challenging than any other online offroad bike games.

Don’t you worry because it is not that hard to get used to this game… you only have to use the arrow keys to control the bike, the space bar to jump and the numbered keys 1 to 7 to perform stunts! Yes… you heard right! This is a cool game where you are given the opportunity to perform stunts for points! So, prepare yourself for a real adventure on these bumpy roads! 

The more stunts you perform the greater your final score will be, so put your hands on the keyboard and practice. Oh… I was about to forget… there is another great thing about this game that makes it more attractive – by using the ‘’Z’’ key you can release nitro and speed up like crazy! Isn’t it cool? These online offroad bike games will set you in the proper state of mind… you’ll see!