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Robo bike



Are you a pro bike rider? Do you enjoy shifting your motor and driving by at turbo speed? Test your bike steering skills and reflexes with this robotic bike games. The robo bike is a ultra sophisticated bike that tests engines systems still in development. You operate your bike while not on it as to not get severely hurt in case your ride goes wrong.

The robotic bike drives at high speeds stretching to the limit the engines capabilities and the brakes possibilities. You have to be a passionate and skilled driver to be able to push the engine to its limits without destroying it or the bike. Drive along the less populated areas outside the city as to not make any victims in your wild race with time and brake the time barrier with your new power filled engine. Remember to gather as many coins as you can in the shortest time possible.  Enjoy moto bike games 2013 and push the limits of technology with your robo bike!