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Bike Rally


This time it is time for you to play a game that will bring you more fun than challenge! These free bike rallye games are suited for people of all ages and sport preferences because the main characters are some children riding a bike! How can anybody dislike such a simple and fun game to play?!

These children are hardly waiting for someone to lead them towards victory! At the first look these free bike rallye games may seam to you quite simple, but after you have played for some minutes you will realize that they are quite different from what you have been used to…

Firstly, they are different in the manner of playing as the controls used are not as you may have guessed… So, in order to make the boy or girl advance and accelerate you have to press the ‘’left’’ and ‘’right’’ buttons simultaneous to make them paddle. But this is not what is so different about these free online bike riding games… you will be surprised to find out that the aim of the game is actually jumping over some obstacles like rocks and ponds full of dirt. And also you will be surprised to see that the computed gives you each and every instruction about how to play as you advance in the game… so it is quite easy to play Bike Rally. 

In my opinion, these free bike rallye games are made only that the player can feel entertained and may become a means of relaxation after some stressful moments! But who wouldn’t like to play some games that will make them feel better?! I bet that you will love this game from the first two seconds of playing! 

So… after choosing the sex of your character you can start your try to lead these kids towards becoming the heroes of the crowd! These free bike rallye games, although they are easy to play, will provide lots of good time!