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The Biker Feats


Many of you who have experience with online Honda bike games are looking for more and more challenging games. Well… you will be very happy you just found The Biker Feats because it is the most challenging of them all. When playing it you will have to get to the finish of the race all in one piece and also in the given time.

What else can you ask from online Honda bike games?! These motorcycle-racingrcycle racing games give you the opportunity to overcome all kind of obstacles that the terrain prepared for you while you do your best in finishing the race in due time!

Because these Honda bike games are quite hard the designers tried to make it as easy as possible for you to play it; that is why you only need to use the arrow keys while playing! The ‘’up’’ and ‘’down’’ ones to accelerate and brake and the side ones to maintain your balance and tilt foreword and backward. If you are very careful you will manage to finish all 10 tracks with flying colors!