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Moto Rush


When it comes to picking some good motorcycle-racingrbike games online I can say that Moto Rush is a game like no other!

If you got used to playing only the same games over and over again, games where only the scenario and the soundtrack is changed... Games that have to be played with the same buttons and games that are cool only at the surface…. Well it is time to play some other kind of motorcycle-racingrbike games online!

These games are quite spectacular because in the first place they are played using the mouse, which gives you – the player – a very good advantage of mobility and freedom! But these motorcycle-racingrbike games online also have an objective that you need to reach which is quite strange for a free bike racing game. Each level you will receive a target and you have to make your way on the highway killing and defending yourself to that target.

You also have to stay on your bike to win. If you get yourself killed you have to start all over again! But don’t you worry because these motorcycle-racingrbike games online are that fun that you won’t feel the time passing and you will catch the way they are played in some minutes. Now all that remains for you is enjoy Moto Rush!