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Bombhead Motocross



All geared-up in your two-wheels rough mobile, you will surely be able to fly over any obstacle that stands in your way. Among all bike games you can find online, this one is definitely a super challenge that will enable you to get your adrenaline rush quenched out as you go through all obstacles and perform you every trick. So make sure you're ready for a bombastic adventure filled with back-flips, double wheelies and bonus points collected in the air.

Use your arrows to get the motorcycle-racingcross bicycle moving and make sure you jump over big obstacles to get further and further all the way to the next level. Jump to collect little golden stars and increase your bonus points too. If you are an over-achiever, you can flip-back and collect again all the missed out golden stars to make sure you are the ultimate winner of bombheads motorcycle-racingcross.

For a great diversity, you can take on various challenges in Asia, Africa or all over Europe and even USA. So it's really all up to you and your driving skills to make sure you get to that next level and next challenge. Make sure you have a good grip of your motorcycle-racingcross bike and that you follow the road prepared for any obstacle that might surprise you on the road. You can practice ahead so you learn better how to cope with un-expected extreme firepower blasts, and to ensure you don't blast your bombhead away. Stay straight up on the bumpy roads and follow the finish line in each level, becoming tougher and tougher with each move.

So take on the bombhead motorcycle-racingcross challenge and prove you are the ultimate winner that can dominate his bike on any bumpy road. Put your high score up for your friends to see and practice each day to become better and better. Enjoy!