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Turbospirit 1


If you are ready for another round of speed racing all you have to do is try these free motorcycle-racingcross games! When it comes to the way you spend your free time the most important thing is to do what makes you feel good and entertained. So, for all motorcycle-racingrcycle fans out there, we dedicate this game for you! You will find Turbospirit 1 one of the best motorcycle-racingcross games online that you have ever played!

Turbospirit 1 is actually a challenge in all points of view… you will compete with other bikers in a race against time. The point of this game is to finish the race in time. You will have to race on a route where, along the way, you will have several checkpoints. And also you will have only 30 seconds to get from one checkpoint to the next. So, be as quick as you can! At each checkpoint you will receive bonus points and bonus time that will help you in the next part of the race.

If you feel like playing some challenging free motorcycle-racingcross games I believe that this one suits you the best. It will give you a very good time and also will keep you on edge from the beginning to the end!

In order to control the bike you will have to use the keyboard; actually the arrow keys. You can accelerate by pressing the ‘’up’’ arrow and brake by pressing the ‘’down’’ one. If you want to play it more realistic and looking to lean like a real biker just use the ‘’right’’ / ‘’left’’ arrows. Clear as day, am I right?

Like any other free motorcycle-racingcross games, Turbospirit 1 will give you the opportunity to compete in the race of your life; you will have the chance to put to try all your online driving skills. It will make the adrenalin rush through your veins once again. You will feel like a star!

So, now, after all these were said what do you think about trying a round? You will discover that after all free motorcycle-racingcross games are certainly your thing!