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Leonardo Bike


Do you remember the Ninja Turtles, everybody heard about them even if they didn't have the chance to see the cartoons, they were some of the best superheroes of that time. If you don;t know what I am talking about you can now play with them in this ninja motocross game.

You should know that this game comes from the cartoon, the action takes place in the swears were you must ride your bike as fast as you can without crashing and hearting yourself. The bike can be controlled just like in other ninja motocross games, you can keep it balanced with the left and right arrow keys and you can accelerate and break using the up and down. If you are familiar with motocross games you will have no problem with this game, and if you think you are one of the best riders you can try and make some tricks just to keep it interesting. You can make a back flip or a front flip or other cool stuff you can think about.

No matter how old are you you will enjoy this ninja motocross game, there is no person that doesn't like Leonardo one of the 4 ninja turtles.