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It seems to be different from the other pc motorcycle-racingcross games that you have played so far, because you don’t have more difficulty levels between which you can choose, but you have some options that you can edit as you want to, such as: terrain type, track length which can be from 10 to 100, the slope frequency and the slope height which can vary between 1 and 10. This way, you can make your game as difficult as you want to. Here you have some instructions of how to play this game: the up arrow key – throttle, ctrl+up arrow key – full throttle, down arrow key – brake, left or right arrow key – rotate.

This is one of the pc motorcycle-racingcross games that is very challenging because it is difficult to pass the slopes even though you have selected a lower level of difficulty for them. You must be very attentive, because if you run too fast you won’t see the slopes in time and that way you won’t be able to pass them. But at the same time, you don’t have to neglect the time that passes, because that is very important too.

By playing this game you can improve your skills, because it is not easy to win, and it challenges you to play again and again until you will get a good timing. This way, you will be better each time you play the game, and you will be able to pick the highest level of difficulty with the 10th level of the slopes frequency and height.

If you are a pc motorcycle-racingcross games player, you probably want to try every game of this type. Motorama is a good game if you want to improve your skills and attention at the same time. Maybe it’s not that interesting as the 3d motorcycle-racingcross games, but I’m sure that is one of the best games that you have ever played.