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Lynx Bike


This game it’s easy to play and you can play it with your keyboard, only by using the arrows on your keyboard.

So let’s see what you can do: by pressing the left arrow key you can lean backwards with your player, by pressing the right arrow key you can lean forward with your player. By pressing the up arrow key you move forward. You have to play the game only by using these three keys that I have mentioned before, so that you can lean with your player in the direction that you want to.

New motorcycle-racingcross games usually bring you, the players, something new, something different from the other games. At this game the aim is to get over all the obstacles on the current level in the fastest time possible. If you are tired of using your mouse to click “next”, just hit the SPACE bar.

Some of the new motorcycle-racingcross games are not that easy to play, just like Lynx bike. The new element of this game is that your player is in a darken room, he cannot distinguish the obstacles, so that you must use your intuition when you choose how to lean with your player, otherwise you can crash and the game is over. It will take some time until you will be able to pass the first obstacle because you need to practice before being able to go to a next level or even over the next obstacle. The other new motorcycle-racingcross games that you have played before are of no usage when you get to play Lynx bike, because none of them was based on your intuition, but rather on your skills. The darken room or landscape is the new element of the game.

By playing this new motorcycle-racingcross games you can also improve your skills and apply them when you play other games. Don’t forget to subscribe your score on the scores list. This way you will be able to see your evolution from the first time that you have started to play the game. Subscribing your score on the scores lists of the motorcycle-racingcross games free online is very useful for you as a player, because you can compare your scores.