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Freezing Rider


In winter there are not a lot of sports that you can play outside, the snow makes everything harder. Of course there are a lot of winter games but not all of us can stand in the cold, Freezing Rider is a bike game that will keep you worm while having fun plying online bike games. Why go outside when you can stay in and enjoy your favorite sport from the worm place in your home?

The game is easy to play, you only have to use your keyboard in order to go over obstacles with your bike and get to the finish line. You must use the arrow keys to accelerate, break and to stay in balance, it is as easy as it can be. You will find that the obstacles are not that easy, but with a little practice you can finish the game and even make a few tricks along the way.

Freezing rider is one of a few bike games that will let you ride the bike in winter when the snow covers everything and making everything a little harder.