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Diesel Death


This game is an easy game to play, so that you can win easily when you are playing against your computer. Such as any other motorcycle-racingcross games free online, the winner is the one who gets first at the finish line.

The players are Diesel (the computer) and Death (meaning you). You can win the game by getting first at the finish line, but also by destroying your enemy. At this motorcycle-racingcross games free online you can use different weapons against your enemy and different tricks so that you can get first to the finish line. By pressing the down arrow key you can choose to use power up such as: flamethrower, sludge, turbo, shield, nuke, grenade and others. By pressing the right arrow key you can accelerate, by pressing the left arrow key you can slow down your motorcycle-racingcross and finally by pressing the up arrow key you can jump with your player.

This type of motorcycle-racingcross games free online is very entertaining, thanks to its options referring to the way that you can destroy your enemy, in this case, the computer. It’s not that kind of game that doesn’t give you any chance to win against a computer. Everything that matters is the way you play the game. This game is perfect if you are a beginner, because, as I said before, it’s very easy to be played, and you can’t choose any difficulty level, it just gets harder as you move forward. You can get to a next level by winning them one by one, and your enemy will still be Diesel at any level that you can get. This way, you can learn his tricks and beat him easier, even if you play on a higher level of difficulty.

At Diesel Death you can constantly see the distance between you and your enemy so that you can choose the perfect moment for the turbo mode, or the perfect moment to use your weapons according to the distance between you and Diesel. For more motorcycle-racingcross games free online you can download motorcycle-racingcross games for free.