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Stunt Bike


This is a different kind of motorcycle-racingcross game, than others that you probably have played before. If you choose to download motorcycle-racingcross games you certainly know how to play them, but in this case you will be surprised to find out that it’s something new, something different. The game has three levels of difficulty between which you can choose, and those would be easy, normal and hard. You have to change the slope and position of the ramps to adjust the air-time, speed and angle of your stunt bike. Your previous jump is marked with a white line, the older jumps appear as green lines. This is not the type of the game in which the purpose is to beat your enemy, because you don’t have any. It’s all about you, you are the single player. At the first sight it seems to be very easy, because you only have to draw the jumping ramp, but once you have played it, you will see that you have to calculate everything, otherwise you won’t get on the landing ramp. After jumping from one ramp to another you can see your speed, height and distance into the air. You should pick this game from your download motorcycle-racingcross games list.

This game is very interesting because it’s not that easy to be won, if we can say so, as long as you don’t have an opponent. It might take you some time until you will be able to draw your jumping ramp and landing ramp as they should be, so that you can jump and land safely with your player.

If any of your friends would like to download motorcycle-racingcross games, you can truly recommend them Stunt Bike, because it’s the kind of game that anyone can play. You don’t need to have too much knowledge about motorcycle-racingcross games, you only need your mouse with which you have to draw your ramp. This is a very good choice if you want to download motorcycle-racingcross games.