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Extreme FirePower


This strategic shooting games will let you enjoy a super session of riffle shooting against your enemies in an extreme firepower avalanche that will be unleashed along its many levels. So be prepared for the thrill of your life and see how far you can last in the battle for power.

To embark in this unique adventure among all of the shooting games online that you can find, you first need to select your player. Choose Nikita if you want a warrior that that can kill with only a look. The only thing better then her beauty if her desire for revenge, so you can be sure she has that extreme firepower in her. On the other hand, you can choose Brute, the human version of a Russian tank, set on finishing off his missions and taking down anything that crosses his path.

Start the battle only after you have read each player's life-story so that you better understand its need for revenge of thirst for extreme firepower. Aim at your enemies every time you see them popping out from behind the obstacles and hold the space bar down to reload your guns. To win extra bonus points, make sure you shoot some point protection vests, that will pop-out from time to time. Use your agility to follow each enemy out of its hiding place and waste no time taking them out one by one.

In between levels, check your accuracy percentage to see how you can improve in the next one. You can also see how many victims you have killed, how many bullets you have used and how much money you collected from the casual bonuses. These statistics will help you improve your strategy and will guarantee you a full come-back each time with fresher extreme firepowers to unleash!

Among all shooting games online that you can find, this one is most definitely one of the most challenging and real games ever!

Good luck in this adrenaline filled challenge where only the best men will survive. May the extreme firepower be with you!