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Atv Blitz


Riding Atv’s is quite a new sport because these four wheeled vehicles appeared only some years ago… and very quickly became popular because of the accessibility and fun they offer. So, that is why the internet also started to be invaded by more and more free ATV racing games!

When playing Atv Blitz you will see that these games can be extremely fun! This ATV stunt game offers you the fun you are looking for. So, after you have selected the ATV you like and the drive to drive it you can start the game! These free ATV racing games are made in such a way as you to follow a specific map. It is like playing on levels but once you have passed from one checkpoint to another you can start over from where you stopped.

The whole aim of these free ATV racing games is to finish the race and discover all the tracks while performing the best stunts of your life. So, in order to control the bike you can use the arrow keys, the space bar to jump, 1 to 5 number keys to perform different stunts and ‘’Z’’ to activate nitro! All of these while trying to collect the bonuses you find on your way.