Zoorly Sport Games Arena

War Machine


Not too many people like to play war driving games because they consider war to be something violent and dirty… well this is true, that is why it is not indicated for small children to play War Machine! It is violent – you will destroy cars and kill people! It is not quite a demolisher truck driving game but you surely will make some damage…

So what do you say we have a round of driving over mines and avoiding being shot at? And as a plus you will also have to be careful not to ruin your car you turning over because the game will be over! Now put your fingers on the arrow keys and prepare yourself to start the game! These war driving games will show you war seen from a fighting car!

With the ‘’up’’ and ‘’down’’ keys you can accelerate and brake and when you feel you are instable you can press the ‘’left’’ and ‘’right’’ ones to stabilize yourself! I tell you that war driving games like War Machine you won’t find soon, so take advantage!