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Santa`s Ride


These best driving games were made for children’s and not only for them. As the name of the game implies you will drive with….Santa. We believe that you were informed that Santa is driving the sleigh with reindeer, but we have to disappoint you because in this game Santa is driving a fancy red car. And what does Santa best? Exactly! Santa needs to deliver presents for good children on the Christmas Eve. This is your job in this game, to gather as many presents as you can and as quickly as you can and to deliver the presents to each child’s home. Each present that you manage to gather can give you between 100 and 150 points. These points combined with your delivering time, meaning the time you manage to cross the finish line, will be your final score. That’s way this game is one of the best driving games.

As you already know to control your car you need to use your keyboard arrow keys. Push the up arrow to accelerate, the down arrow to break, the left arrow to rotate your truck to the left and the right arrow to rotate your truck to the right. The left and the right arrows can be used also for your balance control. You have to drive over some ramps and some obstacles. Try to maintain your balance during the game, to avoid losing a life by getting the car upside down. If you manage to get in time to your destination, meaning that you are the best Santa, the children have got their presents and you accomplished your mission. Great job! After you reach their home you will see two girls standing next to the Christmas tree with their presents. On the left up corner your level score will be displayed and on the right up corner the final score will be displayed. After all this is why this is one of the best driving games.

The best driving games can be found on our site. Santa’s Ride is the best in his category. Enjoy playing these best driving games.