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Spring Ride


This driving game is something new for our site, it can be played by girls or boys no matter the age. Spring Ride is a fun 3d game with a nice game that celebrating spring with all its beauty, the first thing that takes your eyes is the nice graphics with beautiful colors just like spring is.

The main goal of Spring Ride is to make you enjoy the first days of the most beautiful season by playing one of the best urban driving games . From the first screen you know that this game is special and that you will have a good time playing it. In order to finish the game you have to pass 4 levels by driving your car and collecting flowers, on each level you have a min number of flowers to collect, this number increases once you pass a level. You must be careful not to crush on the other cars on the road, if you crashed you can pick up lives and increase your health. The most important think you should watch for is the gas, once your out of gas you lose and you will have to start over. It may look complicated but is not, in order to control the car you will have to use the arrow keys, it can't get any easier than this.

I have a little tip for you, in order to collect more flowers you shouldn't go with the max speed you can release the gas and slowing down, this will help you avoid other cars to. If you think you are just t good for this game you can try and collect as many flowers you can until your gas runs out.