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Russian Jeep


If you are a Jeep driving games fan that means you will surely be satisfied by a game like Russian Jeep. And if you are also a war games fan you will be in ecstasy because this game makes a very good combination of these two! And if you like strategy games you will become addicted to this Kamikaze Truck driving game from the first seconds of play!

These Jeep driving games are not that hard to play and need a little bit of hand-eye coordination and perfect timing because you will be the driver of a truck that defends you territory, so, while you move the Jeep left and right using the arrow keys you can shoot at the enemy helicopters. Each helicopter you take down will bring you points!

And also when you play these Jeep driving games you have to watch out for the falling bombs because they will ruin your car! So, if you are in the right mood for playing Russian Jeep you have to start right now because there are territories to defend!