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Kamikaze Truck


More games like Kamikaze Truck driving game will surely make you start loving cars even if you are not such a big fan! It is time for some Jeep driving games that start with a story that you can use as a background.

The story depicts you as a truck driver that has broke his brakes and now has to do everything that he can to try and control its car as good as he can and take it over the finish line. When you play Kamikaze Truck driving game you will have to use the ‘’right’’ and ‘’left’’ arrows to drive and try to maintain the truck on its right path. 

The aim of Kamikaze Truck driving game is to reach your target with as many points as you can. You have to gather animals running on the road and bump cars. But be careful that you get points for destroying cars, but with each of them you will loose a life and you have only a few!