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Graveyard Racer


There is a lot of talk about the end of the world when zombies will walk the earth, just for this we have a new game Graveyard Racer. This war driving game is simulating this scenario, but don't be scared you have a huge advantage you are in an off-road car , in order to survive you must get to the end of each level.

The main thing you should look out for are the zombies that are everywhere, you should be careful they can slow you down a lot. If you get to a big hill and you don't have enough speed to go to the top you can use you nos, this gives you for a limited time a huge power burst so you can get over any obstacle. You can even recharge your nos by collecting the nos bonuses all over the course.

In order to play Graveyard Racer you don't need to read long instructions, the controls are the same as other driving games online, you must use the left/right to balance your car and you must use the up arrow to accelerate and the down arrow to break. If you want to use the nos you can press the x button, it can't get any easier.