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Hummer Rage


If you are still looking for good Hummer driving games you are luckiest person alive because you just found the best game in this domain! It’s Hummer Rage and when playing it you will actually feel the rage that the designer of the game wanted to send through this entertaining game! 

When you think about a monstertruck crusher driving game and the way it is usually played the first thing that comes into your mind, and the most logical, is that you will play it with the arrow keys…. And this time you are completely right! If you want to steer the car you just have to use these keys and you will have a lot of fun in the process. 

If you know something about this type of cars you will know that Hummers are powerful cars – well… you will be able to pass over trees and cars; destroy some property and, most important, you will be able to pass over natural obstacles very easily. These Hummer driving games are exactly what you need even if at the beginning it will seam strange the fact that the car is moving a little bit slower than usual.