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Crusher Tank


Even though tank driving games online are almost all the same when it comes to the object of the game you ca easily see that some are more difficult than the others, some have some extra features and some use other keys to play. Well… Crusher Tank differentiates itself from the others by being a bit harder.

But for those fans that love tank driving games online these games are like heaven! Crusher Tank has exactly the same controls used to play like other war driving games – the arrow keys, but it is way harder to control the tank. The designers of this game managed to catch in it the rigidity of the tank which, like in reality, makes the tank to be driven with difficulty.

Now that you know what these tank driving games online are about… are you ready to step at the control of this powerful war car? It is waiting for you parked in there – inside the game! Step at its wheel and let the adventure begin!