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Mad Trucker


Now you have the unique opportunity to do whatever you want on the streets! This is your opportunity to drive like crazy and imagine yourself a renegade truck driver while you play Mad Trucker driving game! So, imagine yourself being at the wheel of your truck and having the chance to do whatever you want in traffic… what would you do? 

Would you crash into other cars? Would you drive over people or would you try to fulfill the tasks that you are supposed to in order to win? The only way for you to see is to try at least once Mad Trucker driving game and put all your skills at try! Mad Trucker driving game is the kind of game where you experience some days of a trucker’s life; but he is not any kind of driver – he is angry, in a hurry and he doesn’t care about anything but fulfilling the tasks -.

When you play Mad Trucker driving game everything that you have to do is drive and drive…and drive. Using the keyboard arrows to control the truck you will have to do some things like crash into other cars – things that only a Mad Trucker can do -, drive at maximum speed and most important – do not take in mind the driving rules -.

But, most important, do not forget, Mad Trucker driving game is a very realistic game, so, like at a real truck, you will soon remain out of gas, the truck will brake and the trucker will get hungry… so, be careful and stop for all of these!

So, the aim of Mad Trucker driving game is to fulfill all the tasks until the gas runs out. Isn’t this one of the most interactive and challenging racing driving games that you have ever played? Mad Trucker driving game is a competition, but not one against other players, it represents a competition between you and your skills and your patience! So, just press that ‘’Play’’ button and see how long you can resist playing Mad Trucker driving game!