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Speed Trucks


It is time you played a complex truck driving game! This Speed Trucks driving game is among the games considered to be interactive because it is between the few ones to give you the opportunity to drive for a reason – to make money in order to but all kind of stuff to improve your truck!

You can buy from tires to all kind of logos to design your truck according to your personality! So, all that you have to do now is start this Speed Trucks driving game, drive and drive until you have the truck of your dream… Unlock all kind of interesting and challenging levels are only a few of the attractions that this Turbo Truck driving game has for you! 

As soon as you start to play this Speed Trucks driving game you will see that it is a competition. You will fight against another three cars for the title of best driver! You can drive you car by using the arrow keys for the direction and acceleration and if you need a boost just press the ‘’N’’ button and your truck will fly!