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Park My Trailer



This is a race against time and the difficulties that w big city implies! Park My Trailer is considered to be one of the best 2012 driving games because it is a game which brings new and innovative things on the market! For this game it is parking a trailer on the streets of a big city!

This is really and adventure in the real sense and if you manage to get yourself to the end it means you can buy yourself a trailer and go on a vacation as you’ll survive anywhere! If you play online driving games 2012 and then play Park My Trailer I am sure that you will feel the difference.

So, in order to get to the end you need to use the arrow keys and the ‘ctrl’ button to drive, pick the trailer up and park, but you also need to follow the game instructions like the arrow markings! You will see that Park My Trailer is really one of the best 2012 driving games! Enjoy!