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Turbo Truck


A new game means new challenges, and new challenges mean a great time playing a great game! Turbo Truck driving game is everything that you have been looking for a long time, I tell you! I am sure that you will soon become quite addicted of it!

This game is not hard nor easy, it’s exactly how a Turbo Truck driving game should be! It brings you challenge and fun in its unique way because you will see at every step new and interesting obstacles which you have to overcome. By playing these online truck driving games you can be on edge every second. You have the overcome all kind of bumps and unlock new and harder levels!

The aim of this Turbo Truck driving game is simple and quite easy – you have to finish the track in less than 2 minutes. But at the same time be careful not to tip over because you won’t be able to stabilize yourself again and need to start over! Use the arrows from your keyboard to drive and if you are vigilant everything will be all right!