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4 Wheel Madness


Are you looking for mad driving games? If you are we have prepared for you a game so interesting that you will surely recommend it to others. It is called 4 Wheel Madness and it gives you the chance to drive a monster truck online. Placed in a junkyard, with entertaining music in the background and lots of challenges on the way this game is all you can ask from some monster truck driving games.

You will find 4 Wheel Madness a very entertaining game that can be played by all of you out there who like driving, even if it is online. These mad driving games are the perfect chance for all of you to experience what you cannot in real life – meaning driving on top of cars, destroying and racing!

But first you need to have an idea about the rules of these interesting mad driving games and learn what you should do to get to the finish. First, to know what it expected from you I should tell you the object of 4 Wheel Madness which is extremely logic – you have to get to the finish! And on your way try to gather as many colored coins as you can as they will transform in points in the end. 

As for the controls used, it is quite easy to drive the truck using the arrow keys, and only them. The ‘’up’’ and ‘’down’’ ones you can use for advancing and braking and the side ones are very good for keeping balance when you feel that the truck is instable. Just be careful to stay on your wheels because if you tip over the game is over and you only have one life – one chance to get to the finish! 

Now that you know everything that is to know about these mad driving games and how they have to be played you are ready for trying 4 Wheel Madness! So prepare yourself for some adventure!