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Mad Trukers


Are you ready for some rip truck racing games that have behind the action some very good background stories? The game that you will have the opportunity to play in some minutes is called Mad Truckers and you will surely see why from its storyline. 

This Mad Trucker driving game will surely make you feel very good after playing some rounds especially if you don’t quite like your boss. When playing this cool game you will have the unique opportunity to defy your boss and do whatever you want, because you are a very good truck driver and clients are seeking you. So, mainly you have to keep them satisfied and not let them down. They trust you and therefore you will have a lot of challenges during this game! 

Mad Truckers, like any other rip truck racing games is a game that you will play against time. At the beginning of the race you will be informed by the conditions of your contract and what you will have to do with the cargo. You will have to respect those conditions to be able to sign future contracts.

The difference between Mad Truckers and other rip truck racing games is the fact that it is sustained by its storyline. Not like other driving games, you will have the chance to play however you want because it depicts part of the life of a truck driver. You can accept contracts or decline them. You can drive carefully of make a mess on the road… practically you can do whatever you desire! This is the best thing when playing these kind of rip truck racing games!

What is also very unique at this cool game is the fact that it gives you the chance to choose how you want to play. If you are used to playing using the keyboard you can do that or if you feel more stable controlling the mouse you can feel free to use it! All these things give you the opportunity to play how you want enjoying this game more. You will have complete freedom and you will feel free playing these rip truck racing games!