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Cargo Master


If you are looking to find driving games online that you can play for hours you came to the right place. Here we have a vast variety of ambulance driving games and not only. The one that we prepared for you today is called Cargo Master and you will be very pleased that you chose our game site.

Anytime, if you cannot find driving games online you should remember this game for future rounds of playing. Cargo Master is a quite interactive game if you compare it with the truck driving games that you have encountered. It is a bit more complex because it kind of combines two types of games – driving games and fishing games online free. This is because in order to fulfill the tasks you have to take the containers from a ship with the help of a cargo hook and then place them onto the truck.

After you took the containers from the ship you need to place them as good as you can on the truck because you will, then, have to carry them to the deposit site. Isn’t this a fun game to play? Aren’t you glad that you looked to find driving games online? Cargo Master will challenge you to the limit and soon after it will become your favorite way of spending your free time!

As you know, Cargo Master is a complex game that you will be playing also with the use of the mouse and also like any other driving games – with the use of the keyboard arrows. So, in order to take the containers from the ship and placing them onto the truck just use the mouse… click on the container at the right time for the hook to pick it up and then on the truck to place it. After all the containers are on the truck, using the arrows, you will have to take them to the deposit. I bet that you have never thought to find driving games online that are so cool and fun!