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Monster Constructor 2


If you loved the Monster Constructor game you have to try Monster Constructor 2. Of all the truck games this one is packed with even more complex building tasks. This time you take a factory from its foundation up, to delivering the furniture at the warehouse. Drive the heavy machines along the grasslands far away from the city , where the factory will be built. Owls and pigeons are your funny companions on the road to the factory space. This truck games is all about machines so get ready for a lot of driving and handling the most specialized equipment. This game unlike, racing games is all about your quest to conquer the world of auto, be they great or small one skill lat a time. Gigantic trucks , cranes or small tree cutters and excavators all are uniquely designed for a specific task and its not easy at all to achieve it. Can you handle all these complex machines? Its time to find out.

Are you an avid player of truck games? Here comes Monster Constructor 2 to quench you thirst for truck games and car games. If you are into cars you just have to experience to joy of riding a gigantic industrial truck and the thrill of mastering a tree cutter.