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Monster Truck Trials


When it comes to monster truck driving games and where you can find the best of them all that I have to say is you should try the ones we have here, we gathered only the best ones from every game you and find on the internet. Today we have a really nice game for you, it is called Monster Truck Trials and you will find this game to be a little bit different from what you got used to.

From all monster truck driving games, Monster Truck Trials is the only one where you are not asked necessarily to just drive around… it is neither a racing game nor a competition. Before beginning to play you will be surprised to see what you will have to do in order to pass from a level to another.

What is so special about these 4x4 driving games is the fact that when playing Monster Truck Trials you are asked to perform certain tricks each level. You will have a limited time at your disposal to do them; after you have done the trick you will automatically pass to a new and more difficult level with a brand new personal high score. For example, you have to jump as high as you can, twist or to overcome certain obstacles. Interesting, right? 

When playing these monster truck driving games it will be very easy for you to control the truck because the game is designed in such a way as you cannot crush the car… it will turn over, on sides and bump without damaging its ability to be driven. It is extremely easy for you to try and perform the stunts in many ways as you will use the arrow keys to control the truck. Just try everything that comes in your mind and eventually you will succeed.

Don’t you tell me that these monster truck driving games are not fun and they don’t challenge and encourage you to try over and over because I know that is not true from personal experience. Monster Truck Trials is a cool game that will surprise you in every moment with something new!