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Dirt Racers


If you have problems changing lanes when driving this game is coming to help you, after you have played Dirt Racers for a few times you won't have any problems when driving on the highway. Everybody heard about nascar racing, the race were the tracks are circles and the racers are making only left turns, you may think that this is boring but the real fun comes when cars have to change lanes in order to pass others, many times even this professionals are making accidents. Dirt Racers is a game with nascar cars and your objective is to catch up our rival and destroy him, the most important to be careful when you change lanes.

Controlling your car is a piece of cake you will have to use only your arrow keys. There are some useful bonuses that you can pick up on the road, they can give you a bit more health or can give you a shield so that your car won't take any more damage.

The best thing about this mad driving game is the simplicity, you don't need to many fancy stuff in order to have fun online, this game has capture the essence of driving.