Zoorly Sport Games Arena

Lane Rider


We found a new game, is not like any other. It is a driving game, but it has a little game in it, playing this game is like playing to separate games mining twice as fun. In order to get a good score your driving skills will b tested to the limit, you have to react fast and get the best card from the 5 cars that are in front of you.

Even if there are 2 games in one this is an easy game, very intuitive, the hardest part is that you have to remember the best card combinations in order to get more points, beside this you will have to change lanes with your car using the arrow keys. The better the card combination the more points you earn, but this gets a little tricky, once the time goes by the level increases and your car speed to, so it is harder and harder to get the right card. After you get the hang of it you will see how much fun this game really is.