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Mad Taxi Driver


Are you a slow-pasted chauffeur, or are you made to be a mad taxi driver? Join the adrenaline pumping racing game as you jump behind the wheels of this awesome car, in search for revenge on nasty customers. Chase around the streets to catch all of those that forgot to pay while they were in your cab, and make sure you take then all down to get revenge like a true mad taxi driver!

As you learn how to handle the powerful car, make great use of your arrow keys to move left/right and bump into the bad guys to destroy them. You can collect some bonus points, health bars and stamina if you are witty enough to handle your car form one side to another, fast enough to cash in all of them. The revenge will be that much more sweeter as you learn how to destroy them in record time, chasing and taking down all of the nasty customers.

So join the adventure of a mad taxi driver and dominate the streets in search for revenge.