Zoorly Sport Games Arena

War Truck


Make sure you use your arrow keys just right, so that you avoid obstacles and bumps in the road. You also need to go around other trucks and vehicles, making sure you don;t even scratch your own truck. If you want to win each race, you need to bring little or no damage to your war truck, keeping focused on the speed and trajectory and how to optimize it. Enjoy all five levels as the competition gets tougher and your skills are put to a test more and more consistent. Slide through other vehicles, move forward and enjoy the thrills and adrenaline of these truck racing games, that will prove not only addictive, but a great source of extra fun on a free day.

You can take advantage of some cool upgrades, as you win bonus points. Collect as much money as you can and earn enough cash to buy acceleration facilitators, tools to increase speed or some better car handling gear. The war truck may be big and seem difficult to handle, but in the end it's just up to you and your skills as a professional driver. Good luck and let's win this war!